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Lift Truck Chain Jersey City

Lift Truck Chain Jersey City - Jersey City is part of the New York metropolitan area. It is located between the Upper New York Bay across from Lower Manhattan and Newark Bay and the Hackensack River and the Hudson River. Jersey City is the seat of Hudson County in the state of New Jersey. According to the 2010 Census, the population of Jersey City was 247,597. It came in as New Jersey's second largest city.

Jersey City is an essential transportation station serving as a port of entry with significant rail connections and 18km or 11 miles of sea front. The city also serves as a distribution and manufacturing hub for the major New Jersey ports and the Port of New York. Jersey City has grown to become among the nation's biggest downtown areas because some service industries have played a major part in the sea front real estate redevelopment.

Jersey City is in an area which was first explored by Henry Hudson during the year 1609. Henry Hudson was an English navigator who was financed by the Dutch East India Company. In the year 1630, a permanent settlement was pioneered there by an agent of the Dutch West India Company called Michael Pauw. Even today, Jersey City maintains its early influence with an abundance of streets with Dutch names throughout Jersey City.

The first name of the region went by the Paulus Hook, that was a name that came from Michael Paulusen. He served as among the states first governors. The city was first incorporated as Jersey City during 1820. During that time it was still part of the township called Bergen. In the year 1838, it was reincorporated and during that time, the city became independent and given its present name of Jersey City. The population immensely grew between 1860 and 1870, more than four times. The economic strength of the region was due to the consolidation of various municipalities into the city in addition to the emerging factories.

Jersey City was the location of a 1916 explosion. It was set off by German saboteurs, who exploded some railway cars into Jersey City's Black Tom Island. These explosions resulted in property losses estimated in the millions. Jersey City had reached a healthy level of prosperity since it provided an excellent option for those businesses looking to escape the exorbitant business expenses associated with the city of New York.

There are many shopping districts within Jersey City. Many of these shopping areas are comprised of the traditional main streets for their respective neighborhoods like for example West Side, Danforth and Central avenues. The major commercial district is considered to be Journal Square and the regional shopping area is Newport Mall. In these locations, employment is encouraged in the Zone and shoppers could take advantage of a reduced tax rate. Like for example, within the Zone, the sales tax is lessened to 3.5% rather than the regular 7% that is the standard charged across New Jersey state.

There are a few business headquarters in Jersey City like Lord Abbett, a privately held money management company, and Verisk Analytics. Other businesses have operations within Jersey City like Computershare, ADP, ICAP and Fidelity Investments, as well as others.

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