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Pneumatic Lift Truck Masts

Hyster offers the following types of internal combustion pneumatic trucks:

The Hyster Fortis H30-40FT/S series of lift trucks provide a high performance and service uptime, coupled with dependability and ergonomics.

The Hyster Fortis H40-70FT lift truck has advanced design that resolves issues that have traditionally dogged various components of the lift truck, such as the powertrain, electrical system, cooling system and hydraulic system. This has led to reduction in downtime by up to 30%.

The Hyster H80-120FT lift truck is designed such that the axle housing and not the shafts bear the weight of the load. This leads to longer service life of the truck. Another feature worth mentioning here is its self-adjusting brakes, with excellent inching or stopping power.

The Hyster Fortis H135-155FT lift truck series offers customization in terms of performance transmissions, hydraulic controls and cooling system options. This allows the customer to optimize the product to their exact requirements.

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