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Mast Rollers

The mast of the lift truck is an important piece of the forklift's structure. These lift truck vehicles are big industrial equipment that assist companies pick up a move materials and merchandise.

The mast is a vertical assembly which is responsible for lowering and raising the load. The mast of a lift truck has interlocking rails to be able to give some lateral support. These rails are guided by bushings or rollers.

The masts on forklifts use metal plates to transport goods and are driven by hydraulic systems. Hydraulics is defined by the transmission of power through the use of a pressurized fluid, which in this particular situation is oil. Hydraulic cylinders that link directly to the forklift engine are responsible for driving the mast, causing it to lift, tilt or lower cargo. The pressurized oil drives the cylinder piston to move in a linear motion, or in strokes. The mast is usually worked via a lever in the cab or located in the area of the lift truck which houses the forklift control components and the operator.

A swing mast defines a lift truck truck utilizing a mast which could revolve in a 90 degree angle in one direction. This particular design allows the swing mast to operate in aisles that are less than 6 feet wide.

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Forklift Masts and Parts

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