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Fork Extensions

Forklift extensions are a great alternative whenever you find you need to reach further than your typical lift truck allows. In addition, if you find that a load exceeds more than you could securely lift on your lift truck, an extension can help you do your task safely.

Increasing Lift Truck Output

Forklift extensions offer the added support and capacity required when raising long pallets, containers or very heavy loads. Moreover, the extensions add more length to the forks which enables the one operating it to be able to reach greater distances. Making use of lift truck extensions truly saves a company the requirement to buy individual machinery in order to complete the task. This could save possibly thousands of dollars while adding more productivity and efficiency options utilizing the machinery you already have.

Many of the fork extensions will simply slip overtop of the lift truck forks. Extensions can be obtained so as to fit blades with widths from 4-6 inches. It is extremely important that you measure the extensions to be sure of a correct fit. Knowing that extensions have an inner width which is half an inch wider as opposed to the size stated is vital to ensuring the right fit. When obtaining your extension size, make certain it is equivalent to your fork's width. For instance, if you have forks that are six inches wide, you would utilize an extension which is 6 inches wide.

OSHA Standards

There is safety standards set by OSHA that regulate the length of extension that you could use. Based on the guidelines, extensions can not be longer than 50 percent of the original blade length. Abiding by those rules would help to maintain a safe operation. A yellow powder coat finish is added to the metal lift truck extensions so as to avoid corrosion. The two most common sizes for lift truck extensions in the business are sixty inches and seventy two inches, though, various lengths are available.

Securing Mechanism

There are two individual securing mechanisms existing. The first choice connects the extensions onto the lift truck with a single pull pin. The second and safer alternative is the safety loop which is welded on and provides a more stable attachment of the extension. The lift truck extensions are accessible in both tapered or non-tapered for nearly all container and pallet loads. Triangular extensions are used when transporting cylinder loads.

Cylinder Loads

Cylinder loads comprise drums, pipes or coils. The extensions made to fit cylinder loads are typically constructed of steel and can be designed to fit blades up to 2" thick and are 4" to 5" in width. Secured in place utilizing a locking bar, they slip on and off with no trouble. Triangular extensions range in length from 54" to 60".

Safety Measures

Safety precautions must be used whenever using any industrial tool or machinery and forklift extensions are no different. Inspecting your lift truck extensions prior to using them is a very great practice to get into. After placing an extension onto the lift truck, the attaching mechanism must be inspected. Personal injury or damage to the load can take place if the extensions were to become unfastened and fall off. Following OSHA regulations will even help to ensure the safety of the one operating it as well as people working in close proximity.

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