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Fuel Regulators

Where automatic control is concerned, a regulator is a device which functions by maintaining a specific characteristic. It performs the activity of maintaining or managing a range of values in a machine. The measurable property of a device is closely managed by an advanced set value or particular conditions. The measurable property can also be a variable according to a predetermined arrangement scheme. Normally, it could be utilized to be able to connote any set of various controls or tools for regulating things.

Some regulators consist of a voltage regulator, which can produce a defined voltage through a transformer or an electrical circuit whose voltage ratio is able to be adjusted. Fuel regulators controlling the fuel supply is another example. A pressure regulator as utilized in a diving regulator is yet another example. A diving regulator maintains its output at a fixed pressure lower than its input.

Regulators can be designed to be able to control different substances from gases or fluids to electricity or light. Speed could be regulated by electro-mechanical, electronic or mechanical means. Mechanical systems for instance, like valves are normally used in fluid control systems. The Watt centrifugal governor is a purely mechanical pre-automotive system. Modern mechanical systems could include electronic fluid sensing components directing solenoids to set the valve of the desired rate.

The speed control systems which are electro-mechanical are somewhat complicated. Used in order to control and maintain speeds in newer vehicles (cruise control), they normally include hydraulic components. Electronic regulators, however, are used in modern railway sets where the voltage is lowered or raised in order to control the engine speed.

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